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Based on Feedback - Got 2 Mics to Remove Background Noise

Hello :)

Based on the feedback I got from respected members of this forum I ordered dynamic mic(s) to eliminate the background noise because all the other options (whichever was possible at my end) I already tried and getting mic was the only fix.

I've a home studio setup where I create educational video course and currently using MXL 770 with Scarlett solo 2nd gen.

FYI: So far I got SM57
and SM58 is in transit and I will try both of them whichever works best to eliminate the background noise I'll keep that and return the other one.

how to remove talking from fiddle Tunes?

is there anyone who knows how i can remove talking from fiddle tunes. it's already been recorded about 30 years ago, but i recorded it from my stereo which you can record from cassette to Cd. the reason i am trying to remove it, it's my father that is playing the fiddle tunes, but he passed away 29 years ago and i would really like to be able to remove the talking. i hope someone can help me? thank you

How to remove electrical noise in recording

I am hearing some electrical noise through my speakers. I am using Shure sm57 dynamic mic which is connected to Focusrite saffire pro 14 interface. When I touch the microphone out pin, I hear this noise is getting reduced. I suspect this issue is due to some ground loops. Can any one suggest me how to get rid of this ? Do i need to use any ground loop isolation ? how to connect that to my setup ?

Removing artifacts produced by software


I did a search and decided to just create a new thread on this specific topic.

I am looking for advice on reducing or even eliminating (hopeful) the mechanical artifacts produced by audio software. An example is Audacity, a common and free application. The plugin included with Logic is similar and even superior but it also produces the unnatural sounding mechanical artifacts best described as that unnatural character getting farther away from a natural sounding voice and ever closer to a vocoder sound.

How to remove chirping sound from S's in recording?

Hi, I'm the farthest thing from a recording professional, but I found this forum and thought I might be able to get an answer to this question...

I want to do some recorded interviews and start a podcast, but whenever I record anything, all my S's have a horrible shrill chirping sound. I tried a couple filters in Audacity (and Audition - I think) a year or two ago, which didn't work, and when I tried to remove the shrill sounds manually, it took too long and messed with the actual words too much.

How to remove background drone sound

Hi guys,
I would like to ask for your help: I'm trying to remove that background drone-sound trom this track, which you can hear from the beginning, parallel with the high pitched violin sound. Is there any way to remove that? I tried Ableton Equalizer, Audacity and Melodyne, but didn't find the way yet. The main problem is, that i couldn't hear it separated in the track.

Why do you need to remove your cell from your pocket while mic'ed with wireless pack?

Currently on a corporate show. I ask my clients to take their cells out of their pockets and one guy says "You know, cell phones operate in a higher band than these microphones currently do. It might just be safe to leave them in your pocket with these on". I disagreed with him and still insisted he take it out or shut it off and he said he trusted me. Then I thought, he's right? Why the hell DO we need to take that precaution then? Any thoughts?



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