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Which tubes can I use with a RODE K2?



I know there's a few forum threads on this topic out there, but none of them quite answers my question. I want to try out a few different types of tubes to replace the standard 6922 tube inside my RODE K2. Do I need to replace this tube with the same type (i.e. 6922 aka ECC88) or can I use different types as well?

AKG 414 vs. RODE k2


Looking to see if anyone has any comparison between these two mics. I'd be using them for pretty mcuh all instruments but my main purpose is to have a high quality stereo pair for drums and such. I'm familiar with the 414 but I've been reading a lot of good things about the k2. Unfortunately the k2 isn't something I have available to listen to. Features wise eveything is very similar.

Neumann TLM-103 or RODE K2?


my price range is around $700-$800 and i am looking for either of these or any mic in this price range used. i run a small home studio right now in my home and i am looking to finally step into the world of owning a good large diaphragm mic for vocals. i use a KSM32 right now and i personally think its too multi-functional for really good vocals.


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