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royer r-121


The R-121 is a compact bi-directional (figure-eight) velocity type ribbon microphone designed for professional applications. The figure-eight pick-up pattern allows the R-121 to be addressed from either side with equal sensitivity. The in-phase signal is achieved when the microphone is addressed from the front, indicated by the “ROYER” logo.

The R-121 is reasonably tolerant to shock and vibration, and performance is unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity. However, ribbon microphones are somewhat more sensitive to direct blasts of air, and the R-121 is no exception to this rule. Discretionary use of a windscreen or pop screen, such as the Royer PS-101, WS58 or equivalent, is highly recommended for close-miking vocalists or certain types of percussion and wind instruments.

Royer R-121 for vocals

OK, Ive been looking at the Royer R-121 ,

Just before I purchase it, tell me something else that could be better
and why, because this is probably a one shot at a mic for vocals .

I ve been looking around for a primarily vocal mic that doesnt distort
Have a decent preamp ADL 7600 and just need a mic that will
complement and it does not matter if it is a one trick pony, as long as it does a great job .

cheers Ash

Royer R-121 on guitars

The API 512c gave me a knew appreciation for the sm57. I've been pretty well been using this combination for the last couple years exclusively. As I recording some guitar solo's with an es 335->mesa single rec I was finding the tone just to fizzy. Eq would basically get me where I need to go but I wanted to get the tone from the get go. The winner was a KM84 -> shadowhills. When I played rhythm the 57 was superior but solo parts the km 84 was awesome. I am thinking it is time to open this can of worms again.

AKG C414 or Royer R-121

I am looking to buy a good vocal mic priced around $1000. I have heard so many good things about both of these mics but i do not know which way to go. i live in a small town in south GA so i can't really rent either of these mics and research myself so if i buy it would be a blind purchase. I would be mainly using this mic on vocals but i would also like a good mic for acoustics and possibly even electric guitar cabinets but that isn't necessary.

Mic pre for Royer R-121 and U87

Hello everyone, I new, just bought a mbox2 to get my feet wet in recording. Down the road, I plan to buy a power mac and a Royer R-121 and u87. As for mic preamp's:

Has anyone tried the following pres: Brent Averill's 1073, Chandler LTD-1, ams-neve's 1073, Aurora gtq2 or the 5012 portico?

I am looking buying one neve-type pre but I am hearing all kinds things about the above models. .hoping to decide on one soon.


Royer R-121 mic preamp question?

I have been thinking about buying a new mic lately as i haven't exactly gotten great tones from my current ones, a sm57 and an at3035. sometimes they are okay, but i keep hearing great things about the r-121. my question is, would this mic make a major difference in my sound even though i am using an mbox(which i love, but it may not necessarily have the best preamps). What's more important, the mic or the preamps? if i got the royer, would i only notice the difference if a had like a $2,000 mic preamp?
thanx for the help.