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Shure Beta 52

Difference between Shure's beta 52 and the Pro-DJ copy?

Hey everyone.
I once bought a beta 52 from a local musicstore, I payed A LOT less for it because it was a copy made by a manufacture called Pro-DJ - The man in the store claimed that it was identical with the Shure, only the little elastic plastic strip around the mic (if you know the mic, you will understand what I'm referring to...) had been replaced with a blue instead of a red.
I've also been using some SM57 copies, and when for a couple of weeks ago purchased a real Shure sm57, I thought it was a lot better than the copy i also owned - and then it hit me. !

when and why to use d112 vs beta 52

Hi all

I've just received a shure beta52 (as a present :)
I already have the AKG d112.

I'm looking for pointers as to when (and why) to use one above the other

To me it seems the 52 is only for bass (kick & guitar)
The d112 seems also useable on tuba, trombone

Hope someone can give me some insight on this