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Shure Incorporated is an American audio products corporation. It was founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Illinois in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits.

Shure SM61 - Anyone got one or had one?

I watched a Carpenters documentary and Karen Carpenter was using a Shure SM61, and a white one to be accurate. We all know her voice pretty well and looking at the spec, it was advertised as omni, and impervious to pops, blasts and wind noise, and looks good on stage/TV. I wonder how useful they'd be today? It sounded great on her voice so I'm surprised they faded away in the 80s, and haven't been replaced.

Terratec DMX 6Fire vs. SSL2 for ShureSM7B

I know absolutely nothing about this stuff so I just wanted to check with you which one is better.
Im planning to record some youtube videos and the mic I'm going to use is Shure SM7B. So since its an XLR mic I need some sort of audio interface.

I know SSL2 is going to work fine with Shure but I already have Terratec DMX 6Fire, do you think this will work fine?

AKG C414 XLS vs. Shure KSM44a Apollo preamp

I am looking for a reliable workhorse microphone that will be used for 90% vocals. There will be both male and female vocalists focusing on pop and EDM. I will be running the mic through an apollo rack 8 and the room is nicely treated by gik acoustics. The problem is, I haven't been able to DECIDE which microphone to buy...and I can not afford both. I've narrowed it down to two, but I am open to other suggestions! I guess what I am really looking for is the microphone that will sound best on a variety of singers. I really appreciate the help.

Repairing a Shure 545?


I recently bought an older Shure 545 (4-pin Amphenol era) on eBay, and while it works, it sounds a bit of the dog with voice: a greatly diminished low end, and reminiscent of talking through a paper towel tube.

Given there's only three parts to the mic: cartridge, transformed and wiring, it seems eminently repairable (by me), but I have no idea what's wrong with it. So I'm looking for pointers, links or URIs of forums that might help me diagnose the trouble with microphone.

So if you could help, I'd be greatly appreciative!

Thanks, Charles

Vocal Mic Shoot-out (Neumann, Blue, RODE, Audio-Technica, ADK, Shure

(Neumann U87ai & U89i, RODE K2, Blue Blueberry, ADK Vienna au12, Audio-Technica 4050 & 4040, Shure sm57)

Music by: Israel and NewBreed "Jesus at The Center"

Each Channel has no EQ, and was clipped gained in PT10 to get the same level. The TUBE-TECH CL1B Plugin was put on each channel in addition toa touch of Reverb (R-Verb) as well. Each Mic was recorded At Berklee College of Music (Studio C) and was ran through the Neve 1073 Mic Pre and The A/D DigiDesign 192.

Shure PE505P

Hey everyone,
I found a Shure PE505P online. I tried to do some research on it and I am finding almost nothing. The closest to it I can find is a PE50SP. I can't even find any stats or a diagram on it or anything. All I've found is the mics around this time period are basically sm58's before they came out. If so it would be a good deal because they go for less money right now. Does anyone know if that info is accurate? Thanks!