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Cello and Piano Mics for small room


I am recording cello and piano in a small-medium size room that is too bright and live acoustically - I can't really treat it except to put a blanket under the piano.

What mic setup would you all recommend? I always used X-Y stereo on 2 small diaphragm cardoid mics and a large diaphram cardoid as spot mic up close (6 inches).

Recording drums to sound big in a small room for hard rock/metal projects

I would like some feedback. I just finished an iso room in my studio to track in. I’m a drummer and I will never have the square foot or height to track ambient drums. I’m ok with that and I’m fine with adding room post tracking. I guess the biggest challenge I face is getting the drums sound big enough for hard rock/metal projects.

Making the most of a small room

I was mucking around today playing along with a track from the Antelope Zen demo stems from Sweetwater.

I liked the room they originally recorded in and the original drummer was amazing.

My room is 15 by 30 but has a low ceiling about 6 ft 3 I've made my room dead as the original surfaces are Cinderblocks and concrete. As a result it can sound boxy.

Super Small Mixing Room 2,9m x 2,1m x 2,59m - advice needed

Hello there,
It's my first post here but I've been around for couple of weeks now just reading and gaining knowledge from this great forum as well as other places and books I found.
I'm planning to move my composers workshop to a dedicated room which is rectangular and very small (2,59mH x 2,1mW x 2,9mL = 8ft 6in H x 6ft 10ft W x 9ft 6in L). All plastered concrete.


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