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soft knee

Soft Knee

Describes the action of a compressor as the signal level crosses the threshold setting. A compressor functions by processing a signal above a certain threshold. Without a soft knee setting, the compressor would immediately begin processing the moment the threshold was reached. In fact this is how a hard knee setting works. But in certain circumstances this may be unmusical, so the soft knee setting allows compression to begin gradually and reach full processing only after the signal has reached a predetermined level above the threshold.
(See Compressor)

Hard vs. Soft Knee Compression

Hi everyone, first post here, hopefully you can help me out a little. I have a fair bit of experience doing amature recording, and am pretty well versed in the use of audio gear, and the physics of audio (the old Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook is my bible), so I don't think this is a total newbie question. I did check through the stickie'd thread on compression to see if this had already been answered, but I didn't see it there. I apologize in advance if this is something you hear once a month!



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