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Recording in stereo - Real Acoustic Performances

It seemed sensible, before starting to do the video on recording choirs, to explain a little about the differing techniques you can use to record 'real' stereo - as in recording the placement of individual sound sources within a stereo soundfield. Quite different from our usual multitrack method of panning the various tracks to their proper location.

New: Lopes Stereo Micing Technique

My friend Rodrigo Lopes did a lot of research, testing and developed a new Microphone Recording Technique.

It is the Lopes Stero Micing Technique.

I don't know if it is allowed to post a download link here, but we would like to spread and share this subject worlwide.

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

You may contact him for doubts and suggestions.

Best Stereo Micing techniques for Guitar?

Hi, I have to record a guitar (acoustic in some songs and spanish in others) and i would like to try stereo Micing techniques, which one would you recommend me? (Distance, angle, etc)

I have a couple of Good condenser mic and a couple of 57's, not a good room at all, new strings for both guitar, and a good player.

Thx in advance for your answers


compression mode when stereo Micing acoustic git?


Wondering if you guys have any preferences on this.
compression in dual mode or stereo [linked] mode.

when i recorded with xy pair, compressing slightly to tape [daw] in dual mode seemed ok dynamicaly.
I rerecorded using spaced pair as it sounded better frequency wise, but had strange image shifts.
Resorted to dual[linked] compression mode.