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Surveys related around pro audio

Studio Recording Mic Choice Help

Hello everyone, I am currently at university studying sound engineering and am conducting some research on microphone choice in the industry. I am calling on anyone with studio recording experience to complete this short questionnaire (~15 minutes) giving your 2 cents on which microphone you would use in specific music recording situations. The link is below if you'd like to give it a crack, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Take the 2015 Avid Brand Perceptions Survey

Today I’d like to ask you to help us by https://newkind.get…"]taking our 2015 Avid brand perceptions survey[/]="https://newkind.get…"]taking our 2015 Avid brand perceptions survey[/]. The goal of this anonymous survey is to capture your views about Avid today and better understand where you’d like to see us take the company in the future.

Quick survey for my Thesis!

Hi all,

I'm trying to put together some research for my Thesis and i've compiled a short survey here:


I would really appreciate it if you could take time out to fill it out for me!

My thesis is based around the technical sustainability of modern recording studios. This survey is really just an ice-breaker before I narrow down my paths of research. If you could fill it out I'd be very thankful.

All the best!



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