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Voice-over Recording Technique for newb?

Hello all,

I'm a complete novice when it comes to high end microphones and audio recording. I'm familiar with recording on USB microphones which basically do most of the work for you.
However, since I do video production, I've decided to step up my audio game for voice-overs.

I'm also new to this forum, so I'm not quite sure if you can view my equipment, but I'll go ahead and post it here as well.

Mic technique for piano, flute and bass flute?

I have been asked to make a stereo recording of a grand piano, flute and base flute in a small 'music room'. I have Neumann KM184s (matched pair), TML103, AKG 414s (matched pair), STC/Coles 4038. Will be using Nagra VI (4 mic channels). There will be no audience. Please can someone advise on mic placement. Many thanks, David

XY technique with side-address condenser microphones


I am trying to figure out the right way to use my AT2020 side address microphones in an XY technique for drum overheads. I just can't seem to understand it by reading articles about it because none of the microphones in the diagrams are side-address.

Also, is XY the best technique the best for drum overheads?

Thanks to anyone that can help me!

Guitar + Vocals with just 1 mic technique I like

So I was in a bit of a hurry and needed to get a quick demo of a song I had been working on. So I quickly set up my K2 and hit the record button. The song it self is supposed to be a kind of "ghost story" feel. Think Nick Drake and Iron And Wine kind of stuff. So I spent about 5 minutes looking for a decent mic placement. I came across one I truely found remarkable. I put the mic about 6-12 inches away from my guitar head stock and about 4-8 inches above it.

Using "Match EQ" technique at mastering

Hi everyone,

I've been messing with a series of songs to attempt to come up with a coherent sound before burning a CD.

Each individual track sounds quite nice, but when you start to compare them with one another, it becomes clear that the eQ of each song is not really the same. Obviously, even with excellent individual mixes, you're going to get a degree of difference in the sound from track to track.

To what extent do you guys delve into the eQ of individual songs when mastering albums?



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