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Mixing tips for beginners

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Hello! My name is Alexey, I'm sound engineer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I've been mixing for 2,5 years now. And on April 2020 created my Youtube channel where i share my knowledge and experience in english. My channel is mostly for beginners.
Starting from today I'm starting my new series on my channel "Mixing Tips For Beginners"!
There will be many episodes on different mixing tips topics to help beginners to make their mixes better.

Help on recording tips/tools for classical flute

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1 year 7 months
I'm new to recording and could use some some help on tips or tools to improve my flute recording. Currently using a Apogee Mic+ on a mic stand hang away/above about 2 feet from the performer; can't seem to get better lows or capture reverb well recording the flute, maybe I'm adding too much gain on mic.

Here is the last recording I did, any tips would be greatly appreciated:

Tips and Advice for Ancronis True Image 2018

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12 years 4 months
I selected this software based on a thread here on RO from a year or two ago related to virus scans, and backups. @pcrecord said this was what he personally uses, and i trust his ears, and knowledge in the computing area. I snagged 2018's version (3 machine license) on sale for 50% off (newegg), and it included a 1 machine license for malwarebytes as well. After taking a quick look at the manual the software is a little deeper than i expected, although it seems fairly straightforward, there seems like a fair amount of options, and some things that could be very technical.

Tips on guitar cabinet micing

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I like the R121, 57 combo and want to perfect this for myself so I thought this thread would be timely since we are talking about phase issues and ribbon mics here as well.

There are plugins like time adjuster. You can flip the polarity and sweep the length of the delay until it thins out the most, then flip polarity back. Anyone use this?

Tips on finding a contractor & designer for home studio build

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4 years 9 months

I'm planning to convert a two car detached garage into a practice/live room, control room and iso booth. I've found a lot of good information here, and thanks to this site I found Rod's book and have been reading that for the last week. One thing that I realized quickly is that I will need specialized help to pull this off, but I'm not even sure how to find a contractor/builder that is familiar with the unique requirements of a home studio.

Any tips for achieving superior-Clarity?

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Hello beautiful people, how is everybody doing (:

While my heart mainly goes out to 70's & 80's music, I must say I am fascinated by the clarity that a lot of these modern tracks present in audio quality. I watched several interviews of Phil Tan, and he mentioned that as a rule of thumb he goes towards 'clarity' in his mixes (

Now, specially when I record vocals, these are my personal steps:
1. Create Mono Audio track
2. Record vocals

Tips & Advice about new recording studio gear.

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6 years 10 months
Hi, everyone.
He started a new year and I decided to upgrade to the studio. :)
If you have time and you could give me some tips about this gear I would be very thankful.

I now equipped. (Neumann M147tube, Avalon VT-737SP, Apogee Rosetta 800, RME Digiface, Yamaha DM1000 with Digital I/O ADAT Card, Quested v2108, Cubase 8Pro, UAD & other soft...)

But already, want to have something else to voice equipment. (working only with pop and folk music)