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Help identifying vintage tube microphones

Hello guys!
I'm from the small country of Bulgaria and I need help from experts like you with identifying 2 vintage tube microphones that I've acquired recently.
Bought them cheap for $13 each. I believe these are Tesla made since there was a 3rd different microphone in the lot and its box has the same ornaments and finish as the ones I am interested about. I've disassembled both and they both have 5703WA miniature tube inside.
I am attaching pictures below.
Thanks in advance!

Do you hear too much tube saturation on the vox?

Hey all!

I just finished up a fun little project of covering the theme song to the tv show "Drake and Josh". I feel pretty good about the mix but I keep hearing a tiny bit of too much tube saturation/distortion on the lead vox. It's funny because it only catches my ear sometimes, and after listening again I can't hear it when actively listening for it. All of my levels are good and have plenty of headroom. I do have a bit of rasp in my voice and i'm wondering if that's what i'm hearing.

Please tell me what you think!

Nos Preamp and Compression Tube advice

I'm Looking for great choices of nos tubes for my pro vla and my mpa gold the cheap tubes i had sounded great until i got both units modded now all my different tubes like really really impact the sound of the recording and I'm coming to find out that my tube selection sucks lol ill list them below so ppl have a better understanding of what ive worked with tube wise...(Also Max Cap Of 200 for the Pair)

The Tubes Ive Ran Thru it
1950's Tung-sol tube
Clean mid range but lacks high end

Unusual valve unit before tranny amp

Hi,I'm new here,so first of all. .Hello.

Just been digging around some recordings I started a few years ago and I've found the most terrific sounding late sixties/70's Rolling Stones type guitar sound I've ever heard outside of "Honky Tonk Woman" and similar,it's that good (I wish everything else I'd recorded was),works in mix not just solo.

I got this by running a Les Paul copy through an ART MP tube preamp,the cheap basic one complete with Chinese valve into a 10 watt Crate practice amp,no valves and recorded on an SM 57 into a 16 bit Zoom MRS 1608.


Hello, I'm just getting into the very basics of recording and purchased myself an XM8500 mic. My uncle had a preamp/mixer that I was going to use, but for some reason the mic doesn't work with it. I've tried everything and decided that I would just get a new preamp instead. I'm on a very tight ~$50 budget and already have a UCA202 for an ADC (16 bit isn't a ton but I think it will work; ~600mV inputs), so I'm looking for a cheap preamp that would get me where I want, and the ART seems to be the only thing under $70 or so.



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