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Nos Preamp and Compression Tube advice

I'm Looking for great choices of nos tubes for my pro vla and my mpa gold the cheap tubes i had sounded great until i got both units modded now all my different tubes like really really impact the sound of the recording and I'm coming to find out that my tube selection sucks lol ill list them below so ppl have a better understanding of what ive worked with tube wise...(Also Max Cap Of 200 for t

Unusual valve unit before tranny amp

Hi,I'm new here,so first of all. .Hello.

Just been digging around some recordings I started a few years ago and I've found the most terrific sounding late sixties/70's Rolling Stones type guitar sound I've ever heard outside of "Honky Tonk Woman" and similar,it's that good (I wish everything else I'd recorded was),works in mix not just solo.


Hello, I'm just getting into the very basics of recording and purchased myself an XM8500 mic. My uncle had a preamp/mixer that I was going to use, but for some reason the mic doesn't work with it. I've tried everything and decided that I would just get a new preamp instead.