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Found all the bits of a live show, managed the edit!

I thought I’d share this because I’m pretty pleased with what I have done. Pre-covid we recorded a show in a theatre and ended up with a hard drive full of the video clips from cameras and the sound files recorded from the M32 to a MacBook.

Recording Music on Video from a Voice Recorder

This may not be the Norm! but I'm interested in recording Background Music onto a Digital Voice Recorder, and then playing that Music into my Phone while it is shooting a Video! which hopefully will result in Raw Camera Video File, with BG Music! ...My question is, Can this be done? and what would I need to do It?

Why should musicians care about video?

Here is a link to teaser for a mini documentary that I finished for a client (The town where I live and run my business in). I'll share the full mini-doc when it is released Tuesday. There were several audio challenges. The mini-doc gave three musicians employment and my consulting company work.

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What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

I've been ask in the comment of my youtube channel to do a video about this..
I'm happy that people gives me video ideas.. It shows interest and give me motivation to continue..

Here is one about side chain..
Let me know what you think ! ;)

Audio Video help for online tutorials

I'm planning to build a tutorial section of my painting services and would sure value advice on what I need to get started.
If I could get anywhere near the quality of @pcrecord (Marco you do such a great job on your tutorials) or anyone that can help.