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Looking for some feedback on a praise and worship album

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Hey guys!

I posted a couple months ago looking for some feedback on a praise and worship album that I was just starting to mix. I am finishing up that same album now, and looking for some more feedback on a few of the songs:
[[url=http://[/URL]="…"]Rough Mixes | JungleHeart Productions[/]="…"]Rough Mixes | JungleHeart Productions[/]

House of Worship Mixing Board Recommendations?

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Our church is in need of a new mixing board. We are currently using a 16 channel Soundcraft Sprit Live 4-2. We regularly use all 16 mono channels, two stereo channels and the cassette/cd channel. We need either a 24 channel board with a similar number of additional stereo channels or a 32 channel board. (This probably means we need new furniture, but that's another story.)

Choosing acoustic guitars for worship

So, I've been elected without any say to lead the music for a new Saturday night worship service at my local fellowship, and it looks like I'll at least be starting by myself, maybe with a singer or two if I'm fortunate. Which means... I'll need an acoustic guitar. :? So much for swearing I'd never buy an acoustic guitar when I was an angry teenager. 8) So, I figure that you recording engineers see and play a lot of acoustic guitars, so I'd like to know what acoustic guitars sounded surprisingly good for a surprisingly low amount of money.

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