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What speed do you burn CDs?

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What speed do you burn CDs, and why?? I have heard arguments that suggest 1x is still the king, others say the faster the better.

Argument for 1x : The faster you burn, the faster the disc spins, the less time it has to burn each pit. The result is more 'blurred' pits -- ie not the ideal square wave holes.

Argument for 4x, 8x, 12x etc: The faster the disc spins, the less it wobbles, and the more 'circular' the burn (sorry, I don't know the tech terms for this). Also, these burners are optimized for these speeds.

vocal microphones that make you drool

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20 years 11 months
I'm looking at purchasing a mic solely for vocals. I've had some experience with U89s, U87s, TLM140, Geffals etc. recording in other studios (with great results), but as I am buying this for my own studio I want to make sure I purchase something amazing (as I'll probably only start with 1 mic). After a bit of research the options I have so far are M129, Manley Reference and Brauner VM1. I think these are what I'm after, but I've not heard any of them.

Distressor or Drawmer 1969?

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21 years
I'd like my finished PT24 mixes to go through a nice compressor before I mix to analog tape but I can't decide between a pair of distressors or drawmer 1969. I've never used either of these and have only heard great things about them. The goal, of course, is to get that final bit of laquer on a mix, take some of the digital edge off, when going to tape.

Anyone had experience with these?


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I love the idea of electronic drums...100+ different kits at your disposal at the push of a button, no huge shells to lug around,
they take less space when they're set up, you can have band practice at low volume, no
more cymbal crashes at ear level, MIDI, and NO MORE MIKING HASSLES !!!
I've tried out several different brands at music stores, but I don't really see many major differences. Some have more kit presets available, but I wouldn't use them all anyway. Some have a few more pads, but more than your standard 5-piece kit arrangement is

getting better performances

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21 years
Hi Spindrift.
I use this click trick for years now, and you're right, drummers love it !
One matter should be considered though : if your click is too "groovy", laying rythm tracks along with it makes it "unmutable". I mean it becomes part of the song groove !! It happens to me once, and the click pattern ended up as a synth perc track in the final mix !!
Man, I love this job !

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