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I have been happily using the Zoom H4N and have recorded lots of wonderful nature sounds, and now I am looking to bump up the quality of my nature field-recordings by buying a field recorder with QUIET preamps .

BUT, unfortunately I don't have the money for one of those kick-butt Sound Devices machines. .

I done a lot of online research and am just about ready to buy the Tascam DR-680, I have read many users who swear by their QUIET preamps .

And, for my price range is looks like the DR-680 would be GREAT., BUT I feel that since I would rarely use or need more than 2 channels for my field recordings, I feel that if I bought the DR-680 I would be spending money for the extra features (more channels) that I don't need.

I really do not need all 6 channels like the DR-680 provides, plus that is why it takes 8 AA batteries so, my question is:

  • What other good field recorders out there with QUIET preamps in the $400 to $700 range that are only 2 channel
  • I don't need one with built-in Microphones, as I already have a good one (Zoom H4N)

I may end up buying the Tascam DR-680 anyway, but, I wanted to explore this possibility first.

Thanks for any input you can give me!

Oh, did I mention that the #1 requirement is QUIET preamps ?



audiokid Thu, 04/18/2013 - 08:37

FWIW, I've been noticing Full Compass having much better prices than Sweetwater lately. Check this out!

[=""]Korg MR2 Mobile Recorder, SDHC | Full Compass[/]="http://www.fullcomp…"]Korg MR2 Mobile Recorder, SDHC | Full Compass[/]
[[url=http://="http://www.sweetwat…"]Korg MR-2 |[/]="http://www.sweetwat…"]Korg MR-2 |[/]

$200 difference!

I see it doesn't have the option for standard outboard mics. Looks cool though.

Boswell Thu, 04/18/2013 - 09:31

Kev, have you considered continuing to use the H4N but with a low-noise battery-powered pre-amplifier in front? There are several stereo battery pre-amps available, some of which either generate or pass on phantom power for use with external condenser microphones. An example unit is the [[url=http://[/URL]="http://prefer-upc.c…"]Prefer MB-22[/]="http://prefer-upc.c…"]Prefer MB-22[/].