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Howdya get that washed out drum machine sound?

I've been wondering about the sort of sound where you know you're listening to a drum machine and it's crappy in a cool, fuzzy, fizzy lo-fi way.

That Primitive Radio Gods hit, "standing outside yada yada", is the most comercial example I can think of, but refence points for me would be the first Satchell album and the Twilight Singers album.

Logic Audio versus Pro-Tools... Sound Quality

At work, we have two fully featured Pro-Tools systems. Synchronized together we can easily achieve a track count of 128, with lot of FX and EQ. But naturally that comes at a very high price tag.
I use Logic Audio on a G4 400Mhz in my home studio with MOTU 24i and 2408 Audio interfaces. When Comparing sound quality, I have the feeling that the MOTUs are as good as If not better than the Digidesign 8/8/8. In my opinion they sound more open .

Distressor Trick

If you want more bite to your distressor for electric guitar, bass, even vocal- do not plug anything into the stereo link on the back of the unit. Then set the front of the unit to DIS2 (which I'm told boosts even-ordered harmonics) & put it in LINK mode. It adds more distortion. Sometimes the DIS3 works better depending on the instrument. I usually set my attack at 10+, and my release around 2-3.

(icq #5495501 aka jackercrack)

Midi Routing

anyone know of a win2k app that can route and thru your midi like you can do with your hands and a thru box?

I am having trouble routing midi internally...seems like the midi manufacturers would have us send midi back out thru a port then back in again thereby selling many more and larger midi interfaces...

I tried midi yoke, and hubis won't run on win2k...any other ideas?

Pro Tools upgrade, where do I go from here?

We now have DIGI 001/PC I do want to upgrade to TDM. I have been told that Wavesno longer supports TDM for PC. Is this a factor to be considered? I built this PC from their specs. a 750 PIII, 256 ram, 2 IDE HD's, plextor CDR but a ASUS mother board which works great for 001 but the PT spect says there is a possible PCI voltage problem when using it for TDM? It does not matter wheither I use PC or MAC But I would like to use the computer that I already have...a PC.



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