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Webinar this September: Recording Music Using a Multitrack Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

The subject of our next webinar, on aspects of tape and reel-to-reel recorders, is recording using a multitrack tape recorder. From 4 to 24 tracks tape is back in the studio, so we at Reel Resilience thought we'd better talk about it! More information about the webinar, who we are at Reel Resilience and how to book, can be found here. Love to see you attend.

I've just finished this song and video that was produced in my home studio

I've just finished and uploaded the video of the penultimate song and video from my upcoming album. This track has been in the works for the past three to four months. In that time I've survived getting the dreaded C***d amongst other things.

The track is in two parts and I used alternate acoustic guitar tunings as an experiment. My good friend Mark Beling (also a guitarist) caught C***d at the same time as I did and I decided that when we get through the recovery I'd invite hI'm to contribute to the song.

Remove music from live audio stream, leaving just voices - possible?

Greetings. I'm looking for a filter or tool that can remove the music from a live video source (e.g., a NASA broadcast), while leaving the voices and non-musical noises. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to remove/mute enough of the music to avoid triggering YouTube's copyright detection, and not mess up the voices too much. To be clear: I'm not trying to circumvent copyright rules. I'm trying to remove potentially-copyrighted incidental background music from an otherwise copyright-free broadcast. This is my "holy grail".

Feedbacks welcome

Hi folks,

hope you are well.

I finished this track, it's electronic (synthwave?) stuff, self tracked/mixed/mastered. It's mostly analog synthesizers through the following chain:

Synth --> API The Channel Strip --> ELI FATSO --> BURL ADC --> DAW --> UAD plugins (LX 224 for reverbs and L2 for the final master)

Seeking for feedbacks either on tech stuff (mix/master) and song structure.

Thank you in advance,

best always.

Here is the track:

API releases new "Select" line of gear

Looks like API is offering up some new gear models, including a tube pre, and tube compressor. I was surprised how "reasonable" the prices were, and am particularly interested in the stereo 4 band, parametric equalizer.  Not sure how they sound but API knows good audio, so my expectations are that they are good.

check em out at their site.


Recording a fusion based guitar track. Trying to get some thwack.

This has been a real fun one to do. The piano and brass parts are all plugins and I'm not a keys player so I had to transcribe my lead guitar parts note for note. I *think* I just about pulled it off..

I also applied some compression and adaptive limiting (noth courtesy of Logic Pro) on the master. (Hopefully I didn't overdo this).

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