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i'm stumped on this singer

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I've been recording this guy off and on for about 5 years, he's my buddy and we've been in bands together and what not, but everytime i record hI'm it sounds too, um, not as good as i can get other singers, I've recorded hI'm on 4 different mics, on 3 different records ranging from a 4 track tape recorder to my 24 track recorder.

he has this high pitched voice and it always sounds kinda flat on playback, and it always sounds kinda muffled, and he's not a bad singer, but there is just no luck with him, i've not tried a dynamic mic yet, but I think that might turn out better, in his case that is, I've had hI'm sing through an audiotechnica small condenser, gt electronis am51, sp c1, and my new gt66, all with various built in or budgetish preamps,

at this point i'm runnin out of ideas, every one else in his band likes the recording and the way his voice sounds but everytime i listen back i cringe, but there are 3 more songs needed to be done, so i'm going to try and change up the mic type and go a totally different route.

i've got a md421 i'm might have hI'm go through, but I think i'm just going to put up the ol 57 or try just for sh*ts and giggles my beta 52, maybe that'll straighten hI'm out.


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RemyRAD Sat, 03/04/2006 - 19:45
Yes, it sounds as though the Amish guy and myself are thinking along the same terms, Shure SM 7 it is a sweet sounding microphone more than adequate enough for pedophiles like Michael Jackson! In the end, you may even want to try him on a Beyer M160, HyperCardioid ribbon, you will fall in love! People with the kind of voice you're describing really need to be singing into a ribbon microphone and not a Royer, they sound just like a condenser microphone and so it would not be applicable. You may even want to consider the British made Coles, since the used vintage RCA 77 DX are hard to come by and I'm not going to loan you mine, sorry. You won't get what you want from a condenser microphone on this guy. The other possible dynamics to try other than the D112, Beta 52, electro-voice RE 20, also very nice with reduced proximity effect.

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bobbo Sun, 03/05/2006 - 12:59
I have tried him through a tube mic, thats the grove tube gt66, but i think i just need to find or just buy a sm7, cause that seems to be a studio standard for the type of music i'm recording, but i do have a beta52 i'm going to try on him, and maybe the md421. I don't have any access to any ribbons or I would def try one of those, what kind of spls can those things handle, don't you have to be carefull not to mess up the ribbon?

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Pro Audio Guest Sun, 03/05/2006 - 18:21
Our singer has the same voice type You describe. He sounds good live, we get plenty of compliments on his vocals, but I've almost never gotten a good sound to tape with him. He bought a cheapie ribbon, and it helped a little. A 58 sounds ok as well. The other day we went with an NTK off axis, and the ribbon in a mid/side setup, with an EV TR407 (an old omni dynamic, actually an interview mic) about 6 feet away and three feet above his head, pulled back in the mix. I liked the way that sounded. The NTK alone has always been WAY too bright for him.

Try the D112, it may suprise You! It's on of the few mics I can use on him. Seems crazy, but it worked well for us.

I've also heard that the SM7 is the hot ticket for his voice type, and will get one ASAP.