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Monitoring question?

I hve my studio set up and am using a mixing desk as a level control between my soundcard and my monitors, i have rack pre amps for my inputs so don't really have the need for a desk at all, my soundcard has no volume controls just jack outputs and my monitors have the gain controls on the back, so is there some kind of box that i can use for a volume control so i can get rid of the bulky mixing desk. I have looked at the Mackie 'Big Knob' but dont really want all those features and also don't want to pay £250 just for a little volume control.

Thanks for any help


pr0gr4m Thu, 11/02/2006 - 13:05
Well, sticking with what you have is probably best, because of all the units I know of, they all cost $200 plus. These are things like the Mackie Big Knob or the PreSonus Central Station. Both of those actually do more that what you want which is why they cost more.

If you're handy, I'm sure there has to be a DIY solution out there somewhere.

Boswell Thu, 11/02/2006 - 14:54
You could probably get away with using a simple passive attenuator. Are your sound card outputs and the monitor inputs balanced or unbalanced?

Some possibilities to investigate: