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Yahama GO46 vs M-Audio DMP3 ?

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Hi. Hope someone can help me.
I have to record a harpsichord and a cello with a very low budget. I would like to replace two very cheap Behringer MIC200 with a M-Audio DMP3 or a Yahama GO46 (for Eur. 200) (I already own an ESI U24 soundcard which is not bad in my opinion). Have someone tried the GO46? I can't find any spec on the web but seems interesting.
Bye and thank you, Luca


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Scoobie Tue, 11/21/2006 - 19:58
For low budget pre's,the DMP3 is a good choice. I'm sure it is alot better than the B'ringer one that you have now. That was one of my first pre's that I bought. It served me well for a budget pre.

I've never used the GO46 that you asked about.