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Soundcloud (mp3) compression integrity

I could be right or wrong but at present I don't blame Soundcloud or any mp3 for that matter for swirly transients and spacial corruption (stereo compression artifacts) we hear. I think Soundcloud compression (possible any MP3 compression simply exposes (the bad in a mix) more. I'm more inclined to believe converters, conversion, mix processing and plugins are all part of the bad we continuously hear.

Client Mandates Use of MP3s for Mastering New CDs

I have a valued client that is mandating I use mp3s to "remaster" CDs for replication. Those new production CDs are then converted back to mp3s for posting on their website. I need more info to convince them this is a BAD idea. Suggestions? Links to professional data on the web? Personal experience? Thanks!

AAC vs. MP3 Audio and playback on browsers

AAC vs. MP3
I'm using this thread as a reference as I keep searching for better ways to upload, store and playback mp3 or AAC audio files directly from our server. I know very little about server side streaming but I sure would like to find a way to improve this for our forum.

It would fantastic if someone discovered how we could improve our biterate quality with a player that embed these audio formats into the forum.

MP3 comparisons, how does your MP3 process stack up to the rest of us?

I think this topic is something we've completely missed.
Lets compare the sound and process of our MP3 and listen to the results.
I can or someone can provide a 44.1 via soundcloud, we compress it and use the upload button to store and compare . It should make a good discussion.
Until someone has another source, use my Daughters:

Soundcloud stores the full bandwidth ( to what was originally uploaded), make the link downloadable and MP3 it.

Best WAV to MP3 conversion algorithm

My wife has a small business selling spoken word recordings.
I'm her tech guy, photographer, and financier.

She does her recording in Pro Tools and we sell mp3 files.
I've been using iTunes to convert .WAV to .mp3 but I want to have more control over the quality and size of the mp3 file.
I've just downloaded an opensource conversion program that utilizes a number of algorithms for the conversion.

I'm looking for recommendations/advice on which algorithm to use

Hope this is in the right forum - MP3 sound quality help

Newbie here. Apologies if this is in the wrong section or it's been asked a million times.

I sell vinyls for a living but used to make a point of MP3'ing every vinyl before posting it to the customer. I had a terrabyte external and literally had around 2 thousand vinyl rips - yup, you guessed it, the hard drive blew and I lost the lot.

That was a sickener. A couple of years worth just gone - it scunnered me so bad I stopped doing the recordings.

Hi help needed on a noticeable difference between mp3 and wav!


Its been several years my working on music but I am able to do some better mixing now.

I mixed a session onto a wav file today.

It played fine.

I converted it into an mp3 and found some bass distortion and bass-kind noise.

Interestingly the EQ on mp3 wouldnt fix it. Since it was spread through the freq band!

Even if I would use high pass eq, cut down all bass and even mid, I could hear the distortion.

This distortion does not exist in the wav file.

I have uploaded the sample to


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