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Client Mandates Use of MP3s for Mastering New CDs

I have a valued client that is mandating I use mp3s to "remaster" CDs for replication. Those new production CDs are then converted back to mp3s for posting on their website. I need more info to convince them this is a BAD idea. Suggestions? Links to professional data on the web? Personal experience? Thanks!

Hope this is in the right forum - MP3 sound quality help

Newbie here. Apologies if this is in the wrong section or it's been asked a million times.

I sell vinyls for a living but used to make a point of MP3'ing every vinyl before posting it to the customer. I had a terrabyte external and literally had around 2 thousand vinyl rips - yup, you guessed it, the hard drive blew and I lost the lot.

Hi help needed on a noticeable difference between mp3 and wav!


Its been several years my working on music but I am able to do some better mixing now.

I mixed a session onto a wav file today.

It played fine.

I converted it into an mp3 and found some bass distortion and bass-kind noise.

Interestingly the EQ on mp3 wouldnt fix it. Since it was spread through the freq band!