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Matched Overheads for 600bucks?

So, I've been posting a lot here, and I apologize if I'm hogging the board, but I'm really enjoying being able to bounce ideas off of other engineers/musicians/producers.

I'm in the market for a pair of drum overheads.
I like using 414's , or other large diaphram condensers for overheads, although I have use 451's with success.
My problem is my budget is only about 600bucks. I know I'm not going to get a pair of 414's for 600bucks.
I've seen a lot of inexpensive mics, from Apex to Rhode to Audiotechnica, etc, but have not really used many of the cheaper brands.
Can anybody here recommend their favorite affordable overhead mics? Large diaphram or pencil.



JoeH Sun, 12/02/2007 - 08:25
The 4033 was originally released before the 4040. It was stopped being made for a while, but it's back, re-released. I have just one and love it; I often use it for lower strings like cello and basses. I also have a pair of 4040's, which are just as nice a mic, but a little different - a little tighter and clear, while the 4033's seem to be a little rounder & warmer. You can read all the specs and suggested applications for the entire line of mic's on AT's website.

I often use the 4040's (or even the 4050's)for drum overheads, but it's going to cost you more than $600 for a pair of them, unless you find them used or a really good deal from someone on Craig's list or something.

Consider the AT 3035's instead. Usually they sell for a bit under $300 each, and they're a great bang for the buck. Honestly, they're NOT that much different than the 4000 series. For drum overheads - at least to get you started - you may not notice that much difference anyway, and you'll make it under your $600 cap. I have a pair of these as well, and they come out when the others are already tied up doing other things. THey've never let me down, either.