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drum overhead pickup pattern

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so im lookin at getting a matched pair of oktavas

i cant really afford to get all the capsule types so im just getting the one pair of capsules...for drum overheads im going to be wanting cardoid i assume? please can someone confirm this? somehow im just inconfident and want to make sure im not needing hypercardoids for stereo OHs


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RemyRAD Fri, 06/13/2008 - 02:08
I think most of us generally use a standard cardioid pattern for overheads. Although you wouldn't kill yourself if you happen to get hyper. Sometimes in a jazz situation, I use a pair of Beyer M160's hyper-cardioid, ribbon microphones for drum overheads. That certainly doesn't sound like your Mama's rock-and-roll so all bets are off. Don't sweat it.

You're good!
Ms. Remy Ann David