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Hi Jules,

I like alternative rock, and I see lot's of posts by you diggin the API 3124 for phating up drums.

Currently I use a UA 2-610 for OH's, and four channels of my Digimax for kick, snare, rack & floor.

If I got the API to replace the Digimax, how would you distribute the API and 2-610 around my six mic kit?

Also, where would you use my FATSO: tracking, sum-mixing, both?

Happy New Year! :w:

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Guest Tue, 01/01/2002 - 09:05


Kick (inside mic)
SN (top mic)
Tom 1
Tom 2
Digi max = Floor tom. ride, 2 x room mic's (if large enough room)

Continue to use the UA on OH if you like it (audition their performance on Kik n snare and perhaps swap em round with the API's)

Tracking use on Kick n Snare - Warmth 4 or 5 many lights lit! (No comp)
Mixdown - mess around! I dunno! I mix in a computer!


Happy New Year!


anonymous Tue, 01/01/2002 - 13:32

These API's rock!

They actually take preference over my Neve 1073's for Kik and snare duties.

Here is what i use it for:

Kik inner w/d112 or 421
Kik outer w/ Neumann F.E.T 47.....Godly thunder!!
Snare top w/ sm 57
Snare top w/ Neumann the phase!

I would wholehearedly recommend them for anyone ...b/c u will use them aon nearly everything an dthey sound fantastic on everything just awesome on drums!

2" till I die!

anonymous Wed, 01/02/2002 - 13:39

Hey there Jules!
RE: neve 1073's

yeah, we use them for overheads all the time with AKG 414's (c12 capsules). I fell that the API's 'Round' out and flatten the transients a bit too much for my liking. They seem to gently roll off into the sunset after 10-12K and they slowly go down from here, unlike the neves which are very present in the HF area.

But as i said earlier they are THE BOMB on kick,snr toms and bass amp mics....So much so they take first choice for those duties over the consoles neve 1073 pre/EQ (btw w/are no slouches in their own right!) the DI's are highly usable and have that same bottom end punch.

hope it helps

2" till I die