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I saw these mic tubes today - I wish I'd had one or two for what I do with sound and vision in old fashioned buildings - so much nicer visually than the bigger mics on big booms, and my one remaining C451 original with extension tubes is now suffering really badly withe the threads so weak and worn.

It also really cheers me up for another reason. Audix are a well respected and experienced manufacturer in the audio field and they have done something very brave. They've used a word that I personally have always used, and reject all attempts to make me change how and why I use it. The micing, Micing or Micing subject. It will forever be Micing for me, and I was surprised to see the word in an advert - most manufacturers preferring simply to avoid the word at all! Long live miking!

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0VU Fri, 01/29/2021 - 08:42

I've used some of the Audix Microbooms when they've been supplied by a PA company for choir reinforcement. They're ok but would never be a first choice as they sound a bit thin, bright and fizzy. Ok for making a choir cut though a busy mix but they need some work with EQ to make them sound other than hard and I'd never want to use one on a soloist.

Very much the industry standard (certainly in the UK/Europe) for this kind of work would be the Schoeps RC or RL active tubes or KC extension cables (or some of the other mounting/hanging accessories) for their CMC-MK and CCM ranges), oo the Neumann KM100 series (now replaced with the KMA/KMD series) tubes (KVF / KVFF) or, less commonly, the DPA Compact stuff or, much less commonly, there is a small range of tubes and cables for the Sennheiser MKH 8000 series. On what I see and use I'd say that Schoeps has about 80-90% of that market in Europe and for good reason.