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Choir and classical type soloist microphones

I saw these mic tubes today - I wish I'd had one or two for what I do with sound and vision in old fashioned buildings - so much nicer visually than the bigger mics on big booms, and my one remaining C451 original with extension tubes is now suffering really badly withe the threads so weak and worn.

Those home recorded choirs, bands and orchestras

In this lockdown there's loads of material on YouTube with brass bands, choirs, orchestra etc all singing at home and then it sounds and looks so simple.

I got asked - as a freebie of course, to do one for an amateur choir - you know the thing, really nice people but the prospect of using technology at home on their own daunting.

Clearly, my explanations were not working in text - so I did a video explaining what they had to do, and what I needed - which does seem to have worked.

choir mastering


hi guys, can u help me? here the link to listening my choir recording session. gear: mic km-184 (ortf technique), pre warm audio wa 12, interface digi 002.


do you think the choir is too far? mics was at 3m from choir director. I decided this distance to take a good relationship between direct sound and reverberation, it's right?

what do you think about my recording?

I'd like to record the church choir

Hi, Colin here! I have a church choir of about 15 to record. I'd like to add that these guys are good. They've got it down.
I've been home studio recording for a little under ten years. Now, I'd like to record the church choir. This is how I'm going about thus far...(this is where I need good advice) two dynamics and one condenser. Do you think that would be enough? Also FYI I'm most likely going to have a solid laptop and audio interface.
What do you think
Thank You

Hanging DPA mics, recording theatrical Choir in theatre


I'm recording a choir in a playhouse next month. Its a new venue and concept for me. I'm going to need some last minute help on this, starting now :)

I'm using my trusted SF 24 in the center and hanging DPA 's down on top of them. Hanging mics is new for me.
The LCD are a matched pair of DPA 4011 cardiod's with the optional 2006 Omni caps, I'm thinking omni for this?

BUT! There will also be a small amount of FOH PA contribution. Hopefully that isn't going to be very loud.

Recommendations for recording a small youth choir

Our school has a vocally talented group of 8th graders. Their choir director would like to do a recording of the group before the school year ends that could be distributed to the families of the kids...not for sale, but for keepsake...although we'd still like to capture the best recording we can...Both the choir director and I are amateur at best, but we're both fairly technical people...

De-essing a Choir

The room is really live with some wild hot spots. I did much better this year, I'm pretty happy with my recording but would love some help to be better on the sibilance now. These sss are impossible to take out. I could hear them live and know this is a common thing for choirs but I'm sure you guys can do better here. I ran a de-esser but can I do better. What tools do you use? I tried a multiband too but it didn't work for me. Is this as good as it gets?
The directors love the tip of the tongue, top of the teeth" but ... What do you do with something like this?


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