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I need some help and advice on how to get my equipment to work for live recording on my PC.

So, some time ago, a friend of mine gave me his Fostex MR-8HD digital multitracker, Along with a MXL 992 condenser Mic. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to hardware, I'm much more comfortable working with software, which is why I am seeking help.

To use this Mic, I have to plug it in to the MR-8, as it is the only source of phantom power available to me, But I don't want to do the recording in the MR-8. I want to handle all the recording on my PC. So i need the MR-8 to stream the mic feed into my PC so i can handle most of everything within my software.

I've tried this once before with limited resources at my disposal to make the connection from the multitracker to my PC- but the outcome was horrible quality. (for obvious reasons) I used a 1/4 to 1/8 converter jack out of the phones output on the tracker, and from the converter used a 1/8 male to male chord to my mic line in on my PC. the result was sound clips that had a "radio distorted" sound quality, lots of treble frequency, hardly any lows and horrible mid. it was too messy to even try to clean up. Obviously this was the incorrect way to do this.

So any help, what would the best (or correct) way to hook the MR-8 to my PC to stream the Mic audio from the MR-8 to my PC. Do I need additional hardware or is there a work around?
I would like to accomplish this with minimal additional purchases, as I dont have a lot of cash to work with and this project I'm working on is just a favor to a friend.

I have a HP Pavillion Elite HPE 500y. Details in the Link below show all the inputs and outputs i have(not a lot to work with.)

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RemyRAD Mon, 08/18/2014 - 17:03

There's decisions we have to make in our life that are dictated by our economic capabilities.

Your Fostex MR-8HD, is like recording into a computer and more reliable less fallible. What is your reason for wanting to record into a computer? 16 bit at 44.1 kHz yields results superior to the $2500, two track Studio, analog recorders we used to use. And you need better? Or are you just screwing around? Obviously you had a huge budget to purchase that Fostex MR-8HD.

So have you ever thought about picking up a book or buying a magazine or two? I mean you're in Georgia, here in the USA. You're not talking about one of the Eastern Bloc countries are ya?

What Josh recommended is superb. What isn't superb or reliable? Recording live into computers. You don't got a Pro tools HD-3 rig that you dropped $25,000 on do ya? No, you don't. And when you don't really understand how to properly set up your computer for audio recording purposes, what do you think you're going to get? You're going to get nothing. It'll stop in the middle of the recording. Because you're going to try to record it to the internal hard drive in your laptop. RONG! I MEAN WRONG! SEE?

The gizmo that you have can pass audio. Whatever goes in also comes out. So then ya have to take the output of that gizmo and plug it into another gizmo. And any other gizmo that is likely within your budget will be no better than your Fostex MR-8HD gizmo. And then you'll also need an external USB/FireWire hard drive to record to. Not on the same drive as your operating system and software. If you don't want your computer to stop in the middle of recording and start to defragmented self or run a virus check or look for a WiFi hotspot.

So not understanding any of that stuff? Generally indicates you should use a dedicated recorder gizmo like your Fostex MR-8HD gizmo. I in fact prefer dedicated recorders. From analog 2 inch multi-track 24 trackers to 8-16-24 track plus, dedicated digital recorders. These things have only one thing or job to do. It's not a gizmo that wipes your nose and your ass.

For you I would just recommend, if you want higher resolution for your low-resolution recordings? Stuff like the ZOOM, solid-state digital recorders. No moving disk drives. No idiot operating systems like Windblows 8. That isn't compatible with much of anything. Where all you'll get is trouble, confusion, anxiety and depression.

So what the heck is wrong with your Fostex MR-8HD? You don't get good recordings? Ever thought about reading the manual? Because if you can't get a good recording with your Fostex MR-8HD? It means you're not doing it right. And the computer will only confuse you more. We can tell a five-year-old the doctor uses a scalpel. We just don't hand a scalpel to a five-year-old.

The computer won't make you look smart. It will make you look stupid when it doesn't work for your live recording purposes. You've already got the right gizmo. Read the manual and learn how to use it. Because if you can't make a good recording with that? Then you don't know how to make a good recording and the computer will only confuse the situation further. It will however allow you to make an even worse recording. Maybe that's what you want? That raw sound? Or do you think it's going to make it sound like a hit record? It won't. That's up to you not the equipment. You can make great recordings with cheap beginner equipment when you know what you're doing. You don't. Which means you're not ready to graduate into big boy diapers.

Look... your Fostex MR-8HD indicates you can take its USB output right into a computer to record with. It tells ya right in the manual which you didn't read. It doubles as a computer audio interface device which is actually quite good and can deliver professional results. But you didn't read the manual. You came here like a child and expect us to tell you how to get a Grammy with your setup. I mean Granny. She would do better holding your hand than us. And she won't press the right button for ya even if you show her how.

If you think you need 24-bit, 96 kHz or 192 kHz sampling to get a good recording? Do you also know how to make babies? You know girls can get pregnant if a boy kisses them, right? No? Maybe I got that wrong since I'm only 59 almost? I'll figure it out one day. But I think I'm close? It must be the equipment?

Sound goes in and babies come out.
Mx. Remy Ann David