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Ok, so, I'm attempting to record some guitar tracks onto a Zoom H4 4 track recorder. The recorder has 2 mic inputs. I have 1, possibly 2 sm58s available to me, and I just took the capsule off the mic, and placed it on an angle facing the amp. The recorder also has 2 built in condenser mic's in an XY pattern, if that would be better. This is my first experience recording an electric guitar, so using the equipment i have, how could i get a good sound? I'm recording mainly distorted rock guitar, nothing too heavy. Thanks a lot.


anonymous Mon, 01/15/2007 - 17:13

With what you have, you'll probably yield the best results with an SM58. Placement is important - closer to the center of the speaker cone = more treble and bite. Toward the edge of the speaker will sound darker and bassier. Beware of excess rumbly bass frequencies when miking a guitar amp. You will find you don't need as much low end in the signal when your sound source is inches away from the microphone.

I would be wary of putting your multi tracker with the built in mic too close to your speaker since a speaker has a big-ass magnet on it which could damage your recorder. You might be able to get a decent room sound with the condenser mic at a distance. Try everything, it's the best way to learn!


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