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Hi gang,
Like a few knows, I started to offer video services along with audio recording.
I'm working on a few projects but the one that gives me a bit of challenge is an interview recording.
The Customer asked no microphones would be seen in the picture so I opted to lavalier mic. I've got 2 Sennheiser G2 Belt pack and receiver on which I plug 2 original Sennheiser ME2 lavalier mics.
I did some gain staging tests and the sound is ok with my ISA preamps.
Thing is, I get some noises in the equation and I'm looking for the better way to remove them.
It's not loud and the Customer could live with it, but I don't. I just want it to sound pro since my name could be mentionned...

I've tried Izotope RX and Waves x-noise but got the best results with Waves NS1.

I could keep the NS1 solution but you know me ; I always try to find the best solution that won't alter the recording quality. I like the fact that NS1 has no settings but a slider, but I can cope with more complicated if the result is better.

I know the best thing would be not to record noise at all... but between the mic, belt transmitter, I can't get the signal to be cleaner.

Do any of you have a better solution ?
Don't give me the gates, I want the noise to be gone even when they talk but I must admit I might use both a de-noise and a gate in the end ;)


pcrecord Wed, 03/15/2017 - 16:43

Sorry Boswell, I tested it again, it seems to be a constant noise
Here is a sample RAW and a sample mixed with NS1 EQ and Deesser

It was in a quiet room, but if we had some ambient noises, it can get out of hand quick..



Attached files Me2 mixed.mp3 (349.8 KB)  Me2 RAW.mp3 (349.8 KB)