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This one is from a band I produced recently. The record dropped and then the pandemic ensued so they are have been unable to play it live at this point.

Another project that came from previously recorded tracks.

When I produce things like this it ALWAYS involves gaining trust and confidence in what I bring to the table for the Artist vision. At first it's trial and error but then as you get comfortable with each others vision and leave the egos at the door, things can get done.

This one I had to assimilate from several sources for various reasons. Any questions about this will be gladly answered. These song postings are about information for those who are interested. Personally I learn from everyone!

This is "NORTH CITY JUKE" and the song is "SHIVER ON THE RIVER". Sort of a swampy thing about getting oneself in big trouble.

They are trending on ReverbNation currently in the Americana genre. Enjoy


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Davedog Fri, 08/28/2020 - 15:37

Thanks Chris. I'm not planning to leave things up for long. I'm going to school now myself! I HAVE to get so much better on the keyboard and the edit window. This upgrade brings me back to being a business and I gotta get my skill level with the mechanics of navigating the DAW on a level with my sense of arrangement and feel for the music parts. People don't want to pay for someone fumbling around with their material no matter how good their ear is! I'm sure you can relate. In the past I have been able to take my time to make records and this sharpened my listening but I'm lazy about the mechanical parts. I've hired PT engineers if I had the budget and just 'Produced' which is a lot of fun but lazy is overrated and I got this last shot at it.