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Hi y'all, I'm fairly new in audio engineering and mixed and mastered my first full song. I must say it was recorded very precisely, good mics, mic placement adjusted perfectly so I did not had to replace tracks or phase shift, so it was quite fun. I would love to hear your thoughts and get some critique, so I can do better next time. Plan is to offer my services soon after I have had some more experience... That would be awesome! It is part of a mixing challenge, so it would also be nice if you may give me a heart above the video, mics can be won. But I'm here for the judgment :) Mixed in the box. Vision was to have a lively (concert experience) and warm sound. Especially I'm not sure about the low end, the drum sound, the vision of the mix in general and the stereo image (depth and width). Thank you! Listen to my mix here:


audiokid Sat, 06/12/2021 - 20:38
Hi Soundsetter Audio, welcome to (RO) Nice work, I'm on the fence with your choice of effects, especially the vocal effect) as the slap sounds a bit disconnected from the music but really nice work, especially for your first go at it. I would likely add a common reverb to the final master to help it glue the two parts (vocal and music) together. But its a personal taste thing too so just a suggestion to try sometime. Nice work!

DogsoverLava Sun, 06/20/2021 - 11:02
I too found that the vocal had a quality that seemed disconnected from the music - spatially it sounded like it was recorded in a different place and time which kept it from developing the intimacy I craved here. Do you hear that? It sounds great from a clean recording standpoint, but it's missing the cohesion of performance spatial continuity. I think one of the things I'm responding to is that the reverb you are using on everything sounds small --- like narrowly focused so nothing breathes quite naturally. Does that make sense? Great musicians and very clean recording - just looking for that magic element of cohesion.

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