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Still in the kitchen cooking up stuff ...



audiokid Wed, 10/27/2021 - 17:02

Beautiful song, Kevin. Keyboard fretless sounds cool, but it may be a bit heavy in the mix. A minor tweak.

I could imagine this song being performed by a few artists, especially a classic Metal band with power guitars and a screaming guitar solo, with strings and the lovely background strings section etc like you have sounds so nice.

My point,  a song like this might be a good one to have published. Do you have, or have you pursued a publishing deal?


kevinwhitect Thu, 10/28/2021 - 06:36

I've not looked into any of it, bud. I just do the music shit. 

Thanks for the props!

I've had a dickens of a time w/ the bass part. It is our guitar player on a synth - as you correctly guessed. Our bass player is on piano. :D

I'll pull it back a bit.

kevinwhitect Fri, 10/29/2021 - 07:44

I write 99% of the material we play - plus I'm singing lead and playing acoustic on this. The engineering on this piece was different from our normal protocol. We recorded the bed live at our guitarist's home. We popped back later for vocal backing tracks. He then "scrubbed" the tracks - cleaning the timing, phrasing, squeaks and squawks out. 

He's a meticulous engineer - and I was happy to not have to do that myself.

He uploaded the cleaned tracks to me in stems, and basically I blended the stems - adding a little production ear candy in the process.