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How Good or Great is Samplitude Pro X on the latest Mac running OSX 10.10?
I have a late 2012 Mac mini, late 2011 IMac & Macbook Pro.

I am considering purchasing both Windows operating & Samplitude Pro X for my Mac's. running boot camp..

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audiokid Fri, 01/09/2015 - 12:20

I wish I could advise you but I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64bit. If at all possible, go Windows. If you are Apple dependent, you are between a rock and a hard place.
Many die hard Mac users say Bootcamp is good but a PITB, which I can't blame them.
Magix is being smart by sticking to one OS. This makes me very happy. I have no need to be on Apple anymore.

However, compromising I go as well. The world of Windows and Mac never ends...
I have recently added Apollo 16's to my work flow (only as an experiment for now) which excel through Thunderbolt interfacing.
On the flip side, this shouldn't be a problem because I need very little plug-ins running in the background with Samplitude in comparison to Logic or Pro Tools DAW's. They are both third party heavy plug-in dependent.

So, you see how things improve once you ween yourself off the plug-ins supermarket. Samplitude is pretty much all you need. Or I should say, I need.

Ask Tim Dolbear [=""]here[/]="http://recording.or…"]here[/],
Here is the NA rep and will be straight up with you. You can visit the Samplitude [[url=http://="http://support2.mag…"]support forums[/]="http://support2.mag…"]support forums[/] as well.

Good luck

audiokid Fri, 01/09/2015 - 12:21

gdoubleyou, post: 423476, member: 11080 wrote: Once you're running Boot Camp, OSX is out of the picture.

Boot Camp emulates the BIOS, and provides drivers for the Apple hardware.
Should work, if you have solid drivers for your interface.

Should work, if you have solid drivers for your interface. Good point!
Just saw your post, thats great to hear!

EAP-Entertainment Fri, 01/09/2015 - 12:36

Thanks audiokid & gdouble; I have two Apollos, BLA Mod Steinberg UR824, Steinberg MR CSX, & a Focusrite Octopre mk2. And i'm just sick of protools & looking for another & better software to take over & just not sure where to go.. I am considering also Presonus Studio One V2, Cubase 8Pro, & maybe Reaper but just not sure. I know that there will be a learning curve that i must go through but that would not bother me so all the wonderful advice I get I'll take them in & listen...

I want the software to be or have everything from Recording, Mixing, & Mastering all in one. I've been following the forum for a while now & so I'm want to create my hybrid system because I also have the Dangerous D-Box as my summing...

audiokid Fri, 01/09/2015 - 13:03

Well, if you have the D-Box, you know my answer. Samplitude is the hybrid bomb, its just excellent for recording mixing and mastering. Its not the best at Midi/ VSTi, but, its works pretty darn good. I'm spoiled, I come out of the 80's where we used racks of keyboards and sequencers and never knew what latency meant.
For Midi, I'm going back to hardware and controllers and use a midi interface. Hardware seems to be where more and more people are in general going too.
I think its save to say, this next decade is about delegating modular devices and workflow better. Dedicated choice gear that integrates with a DAW well. The all in one system just isn't cutting it.

I am 100% full steam ahead on dedicated modular. Pro Tools is done so I think you are wise to not invest in that system again. Its all about closing you in.
Apple is the mobile platform :love:. Windows is open market for the world to invite others. Its pretty clear to me, who is the best modular OS.

Glad top see you rethinking regardless of what you choose. I feel your concerns. Choose what flows the best. Reaper is cool but pretty third party dependent. Yes? no? Lots of people loving Studio One 2.

EAP-Entertainment Fri, 01/09/2015 - 13:16

Thanks audiokid; I am a keyboardist & bassist. I have the Korg Kronos 61 & 73 Keys, Gretchs Drums, etc in my studio; my band & I all our recording's are with live instruments & thats how I produce even with the Artists that comes in my studio, so thats another reason why my new choice of DAW is important. Now about the PC part I dont think my wife is going to let me get another computer as of yet & I know that she'll be questioning me a 1,000x's (lol) as to why i cant us the Macs wiht the new software (lol)... So it's going to have to be something that I can use with my Macs, I just want something that's going to Great & at least 80 - 95% Stable. Im going to demo both Studio One V2 & Reaper over the weekend. The audio engine is going to be the most important factor for me also...

Tony Carpenter Fri, 01/09/2015 - 14:19

Boot camp use video.


Full explanation here on using boot camp. I admit, being a long time user of various boot stuff, and VMs.. it's a serious consideration, IF it's 100% compatible with ALL hardware I would normally use. Don't get too excited though Chris, I am on a spending freeze. At least unless something dramatic changes :D. Oh, and, I still hate Windoze and Mickey$oft!.

audiokid Sat, 01/10/2015 - 19:28

EAP-Entertainment, post: 423484, member: 47334 wrote: Wow ok, i have the MPC Studio also... Thanks for all the advice my man & i'll post on tomorrow which DAW I went with.. Good By Protools for me.. Welcome my New DAW by Tomorrow...

Will The Next Akai MPC Run Windows 8?


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kmetal Tue, 01/13/2015 - 00:12

Boswell, post: 423597, member: 29034 wrote: Applications like Samplitude should load and run without major difficulty under Windows on a Mac with Bootcamp, but in my experience, some of the key combinations may not map exactly and you also may run into problems with the audio drivers. What audio hardware do you have?

Yesa! Just what I wanted to hear. Gonna have to save my pennies, but so far thinking Mac mini, and apollo twin, next burl converters and dangerous monitor control summing, then Specialized summing and/or mastering chain. I'm building a home demo/quick fixes rig, with the intent of bringing it to the studios I work at as a capture (mixdown) daw/conversion/monitoring distro.

Tony, dare I say great minds think alike? How are you liking the UAD, and dangerous. Do you feel you can't live without them now? Worth the money to you? How does the sonic quality of the pres compare between the UAD and focusrite? I'm particularly interested in hi gain gtrs, and snares. I find im having a hard time getting what I want out of those. Oddly it seems like the gear that works best for me on those, is either extremely cheap, or extremely expensive. It's the mid level stuff that's killing it to me.

Sorry for the million questions. Thanx !