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i have an opportunity to pick up an TC electronic Gold Channel for 750 bucks in perfect shape. i have never heard one before and will not really have a chance to try it.

i am looking for another Pre to go with my M5 and this will give me a stereo option

if anyone has used this i would love a review of it and whether or not 750 is a good deal



anonymous Fri, 03/11/2005 - 14:41

hi there

I own the TC Electronics, and I will try and be as objective as I can.

First off, this is my main outboard pre right now, and I use it faithfully. I do this, since I do not like the 002 R's pres so much, and many dont. the main thing that rocks about the GC is that it has so many routing options. Many people with high end pres (Avalon, Neve, API, etc) will still use it in the chain as a converter to a DAW, or straight to other digital recording destinations.
The thing most said about it, is that the presets are shite. I disagree to some extent, in that I have found some of the drum presets very usable, but I have almost always tweaked them a bit to get the sound im looking for. the cool thing is, if something sounds too compressed or expanded, or EQ'd, there are large buttons on the side of the channels that you can instantly turn off these processors if you wish to. then you have a pretty darn transparent signal with no processing, in which you can send anywhere.
And the converters are stellar.
The pres wont replace a high end dedicated channel, but if tweaked right, you can get pro sounds.
It has presets for many mics, and recording situations, which I am pretty happy with. The thing sells new for $1500+, so youre getting a I did. I paid $750 myself off of ebay. I dont think the guy knew what he had...or didnt care.

It wont replace everything, but is an asset to any studio. Im a computer geek/musician/aspiring engineer, so I like using PT with my G4. I also enjoy and appreciate the tried and true pieces of gear, and when money comes my way, you can bet ill pick myself up an Avalon 747, or at least an M5. Maybe a good set of API's...some old Optical Compressors as well. But I dont think I will be selling the Gold Channel. You can even run line signals through it to do some mastering work, then route it back into your mixer. It is a piece worth having, especially at your price.

good luck. pull that trigger.