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Not that I use any wave plugins, it looks like they are having a $9 Year End Blowout deal until Dec 31 2012. Something must be up lol. Drive safely.
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Davedog Tue, 01/01/2013 - 22:29

The $9 plug-in is for the One Knob Series. Holiday special. Yes...Waves now works off of a Cloud. But the iLok customers are so far uneffected but the upgrade takes all existing licenses to the Cloud. I upgraded to V9 recently. Worth every penny and they credited my initial upgrade cost as a voucher I could use for 30 or 60 days...I cant remember the time frame. Whatever they have done to the functionality of the plugs my CPU usage is down 25% with sessions with a lot of waves, the existing plugs seem to operate at a deeper bit depth and resolve more completely than before. And the selection is getting a lot more usage as there are a BUNCH more presets adopted into the libraries. I used to rate my Waves collection as "usable" and "okay" but now they are pretty darned good.

hueseph Tue, 01/01/2013 - 23:11

The 9 dollar plugins included Mondomod, Supertap, Rennaissance Axx and Q10 EQ. None of those are one knob. The deals are pretty sweet. I most certainly had to use my iLok to authorize the free Louder One Knob. Just sayin. Still some smokin' deals with Kramer Virtual Tape machine for $79 and some of the signature series for $99 and $199 for bundles.

Davedog Wed, 01/02/2013 - 00:27

So did I until I upgraded. My iLok is still in play but all of my licenses now are in the cloud. The Kramer tape is one of the best things I have. As well as the Maserati signature and the Kramer sig...I do remember those other plugs @$9 but I already have them so it didnt register. I did get a special offer on the one knobs after I authorized the free one. I also recently got the Kramer PIE comp plug. Awesome. Its a great alternate to 1176 all switches in and all the vintage and classic series comps on guitars.

kmetal Wed, 01/02/2013 - 00:29

i just got the native power pack last month, which inlcudes alot of the 9$ plugins, for 100 bucks. whatever, they are little better than stock plugins, i had to downgrade to v7 due to OS compatiblities. it's a decent deal, i think. from a CO that's blood-thirsty. theres gotta be another company that's gonna make pci-e cards and plug-insbesides UA, i'm curious to watch where that goes. i'm personally tentative on dsp purchases right now.