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Mixing with Samplitude - You & Me & The Radio

I've been doing this for a while. Once or twice a year, I like to download free tracks and mix them. It gives me a chance to adapt to different recording qualities and mind set. I mostly mix my own stuff, so I think it's a good exercise to do.. If you want to join me, download the tracks and send me links to your mixes. Human Radio - 'You & Me & The Radio' Pop/Rock Downloaded here : https://www.cambrid…

In this case I forced myself to use only Samplitude tools and I discuss my choices along the way
Please let me know your thoughts, if I made a mistake, if my choices make sens. Also, the song isn't mastered by the end of the 3 videos..
Anyone interested to master the song, let me know I can give a link to the last mix.
If not, I will probably make another video for the mastering even if I'm not a mastering engineer...


kmetal Wed, 12/16/2020 - 18:40

Id be curious to hear the mastering. Id mess with mixing but i don't have a good app on my phone (hoping to have computers set up by spring). I had cubasis for ios which was very cool for what it was, but i don't have an ipad right now. I should see what's available on andriod.

It might be fun to compare a couple mastering chains maybe one vintage style one modern or whatever.