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anyone know where I can find some really good plugins for mastering?


Ben Godin Wed, 07/14/2004 - 18:39

for starter mastering, note this is not really mastering but as close as you'll get without paying a hefty price, try out t-racks or ozone, but remember, don't get it into your head that this is what mastering is because those applications have very limited use, but,,,, are great for low budget HOME ,, NON-PRO mastering.


anonymous Thu, 07/15/2004 - 08:50

Horses for Courses

Hi, for starters MASTERING is a subjective thing.

Of course you can master your recordings mate! You can certainly improve them with 3 decent plug ins. Yes, there're not as good as
a top of the range hardware setup if your after that warmer sound, but the chances are most of your stuff has been recorded/mixed digitally anyway - so therefore might as well master the same way.

1) Compressor
2) Parametric EQ
3) Limiter

I could easily cut and paste a list from the net but as long as you know the process behing using all 3, then it doesnt matter. Its down to budget and Compatibility

all the best

iznogood Sun, 07/18/2004 - 05:54

"seems like these people may have a problem with mastering on a computer and are biased, so don't let what they said discourage you, and good luck by the way"

maybe because they have ears!!

and maybe because they do mastering for a living!!

i'm not biased.... i use the L2..... but i would NEVER use ANY other plug-in for mastering.... they simply sound like C**P! (and the cartoon look of t-racks :?

save your money and take your shiny new album to a pro mastering guy (or gal) and hear the difference!!

and please...