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Hello Everyone.

I am based in Surrey and I am looking for a reliable and hopefully reasonably prices professional audio equipment technician.
Any recommendations are appreciated.

Many Thanks,


paulears Wed, 03/17/2021 - 03:31

I suspect you may have not quite understood - The people who repair microphones might be different to those who specialise in old reel to reels, while general audio repairs might be better done with a firm with access to main dealer parts and service facilities. I think I'm pretty good with older kit (that I grew up with) but I simply cannot fix board level faults on surface mount devices. I don't have tools or to be fair, the eyesight!

Hence Boswell's question - the item is critical. I don't think there even is a one stop shop any more - everyone has their preferred fixers of different equipment.

Here in Suffolk, we have a few people who specialise but, reasonable price they certainly aren't because it seems kit now doesn't take short times to fix. When I first qualified, I stupidly thought I'd be fixing audio gear - but it was dreafully boring. In a day, I could probably repair 8 audio and radio items in the workshop. Now a repair probably takes a couple of hours to get in and diagnose, and in many cases, to decide the repair can't even be done economically.

So what do you have that needs fixing and we can suggest possibilities that might be good for your problem.