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KURT. I have a Tascam AD20 dat and it won't really play a tape correctly.(but it WILL record!) It skips through the music like a cheap burned CDr with crud and scratches on it. Does this thing have heads like an ADAT or cassette player, that could simply be dirty? if so, how to get in there. the tray is at an awkward angle and I dont want to trash it. THANKS AGAIN! chris


KurtFoster Mon, 05/26/2003 - 14:47

DATs have a rotary head. You should first try a dry head cleaning tape. Not a wet one. They clog the heads and cause irreparable damage. You could also try taking a blank tape and shuttling it back and forth in FFWD and RWD with the tape engaged. Sometimes this knocks the crud off the head.

If that doesn't work, you will need to clean the head. Remove the top cover of the machine (be sure to unplug the ac cord) You will see the head. It looks like a mini video tape recorder head (because essentially, that's what it is). Use a chamois swab (only) dipped in 99% alcohol, holding the swab gently against the face of the head and slowly rotate the head in a counter clockwise direction. Be very cautious and do not exert too much pressure. Allow the alcohol to dry / evaporate and plug the ac cord back in and insert a tape and see if it plays. If not repeat the procedure. If you don't get it after a few tries, take the machine to a qualified service tech for repair. Chances are that the heads are worn out.. Hope this works, Kurt