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Hello! I need some help from you! Can you ehplane me how to connect Focusrite isa Two to Lynx Aurora 16? What cables should I use? And how to connect monitors (Adam A8x) with all of that? I will not use any other outboard gear.


audiokid Tue, 04/05/2016 - 15:52

Milos Mihajlovic, post: 437715, member: 49805 wrote: What cables should I use?

Aurora 16 uses its own DB25 wiring configuration. To connect to standard Tascam db25 (patchbays etc) I believe you need Aurora digital and analog out (Yamaha) to Tascam pinout. Not positive on the analog, but check.


audiokid Sun, 04/10/2016 - 17:29

bouldersound, post: 437828, member: 38959 wrote: You need properly wired DB25 cables.

Focusrite outputs to Aurora inputs, Aurora outputs to Adam speakers.

Exactly as bouldersound said. You need to "proper cable recommended by Lynx Aurora 16. But it also sounds like you don't need the 16 channels. Only get enough for the 8 in/outs.

You need:

  • 2 balanced mic cables for microphones ins to the Focusrite .

  • one 8 channel analog DB25 with XLR female ends (1- 8 analog ins)
  • one 8 channel analog DB25 with XLR male end to connect to your monitors (1-8 analog outs)
  • one AD AES Yamaha 8 channel to connect Aurora to Pro Tools HD card installed on the computer (channels 1-8)
  • one AES DA Yamaha 8 channel to Pro Tools HD card installed on the computer to connect Aurora 16 to your monitors (1-8) (this is you DAW monitor out)

Then hook up your in's and out's and you are good to go. Its very simple.


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