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I was thinking of going into digital mixers and I know that it is possible to get this mixer pretty cheap at the moment.

Any satisied customers?

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anonymous Sat, 01/29/2005 - 16:27

The D8B:

Quite an amazing concept stands behind it (operation wise), and it's super-cool if you're doing surround.
The Compressor is really nice;
The EQs are not the best (Mackie's analog EQs are better in my opinion);
Any automation is dead-easy;
The OS is quite stable, but has its bad moments sometimes (nothing that restart wouldn't solve);

I think the most worrying thing about it is the effects - on the one I've used (and still using sometimes) the effects are nowhere next to impressive (nearly any Yamaha digital desk has better effects).

Try it out before you buy, and listen mainly to the EQs and the effects.

anonymous Sun, 01/30/2005 - 16:48

I would definitely count myself a satisfied d8b user. I know this will likely jinx my board - but I've been using mine since early '99 and its been rock solid. Nothing on it is spectacular, sonically(sp?) speaking, and it cannot and never will be able to work at sampling frequencies above 48k, but certainly worth the current going price (what. $3500 or so?) Add a couple of good channels of preamps and better a/d converters and its more than just adequate.


anonymous Mon, 01/31/2005 - 15:55

I worked on a d8b for a few years. Get the apogee clock option, huge difference. I found it to be a good mixing experience.

That said, I've working on a DMX-R100 for the past four years. Sonically, it made me realize how limited the d8b was. You can still make incredible sounding records on the d8b. I would also recomend getting a monitor. To depend on the LED readout was a huge PITA. I had th d8b for about a week before I buckled under and got a monitor.
The power supply is somewhat noisy, so you'll need some sort of isolation for it.

I can agree with Mike, it's a stable console.

Good Luck!