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Hey everyone. I’m new to this community and I have a problem that’s been absolutely KILLING me.

To begin, this is my set up:
Windows Vista (64 bit), 4 gigs RAM, 250 GB hd, 500 GB external HD (7200 rpm), Lexicon Lambda, 2 MXL 990’s, and an AKG CCS d11 bass drum mic.

Now, onto my issue. I’ve grown up using Magix Music Studio. Total piece of sh*t, but I mastered it, and was able to use it proficietly and quickly. Fast forward several years, and I wanted to upgrade. I looked at everything, and understanding that the learning curve for many DAW’s is quite long, I wanted to stay familiar. Adobe Audition 3.0 did the trick. It’s perfect, and I havent had any issues with it.

Well, that is until I got my Lexicon Lambda. So, I plug it in, and it works perfectly. Right after I installed all of the drivers needed, I booted up audition and it seemed to have auto synched. I press record, I test the mics, and play the sound back. Wow, pretty impressive. Time passes, I purchase several more mics (I plan to plug a mixer into the lambda because there are only two mic imputs), and I start fooling around. For the first time I actually had to go into the settings and manually set up the tracks recording settings. For some reason, it detects my mics, as there are peaks, but in multitrack view there is no play back. You press play, there is a volume meter and it shows there is activity, but i hear nothing from my speakers. But if I double click the sample, going into edit mode, I press play, and there is sound. WHAT?

F**k my life. I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks, but I just can’t seem to fix this.

If anyone out there knows about lambda’s and audition PLEASE respond!


RemyRAD Wed, 07/16/2008 - 09:03

You need to use the ASIO drivers selection. The ones that point directly to your Lexicon device and not your own board computer soundcard. Standard way of drivers don't always include bidirectional capabilities with simultaneous listen while recording. Some Do. Remember, you have to tell the software which sound device for recording & which sound device for recording. You cannot play back one sound card while recording with the other. It's not like a tape recorder.

Makes you crazy doesn't it?
Ms. Remy Ann David


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