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I've been looking for a good software synth to really put some time into and master. This one is extremely affordable, and it seems very unique, and from the looks of it, not a whole lot of people have taken the time to truly learn it and use it to its fullest potential yet. It looks like it's capable of most of the things that Massive or similar synths can do, and the interface is just awesome in my opinion. It seems like you can do a whole lot with it, especially since it comes with a vocoder.

Does anybody have good experience with this synth that can tell me a thing or two about it? Is it worth spending a long time to learn the ins-and-outs of this thing? How about performance-wise... would I be able to muster up some really good leads, pads and bass sounds that could be used in live settings? All in all, comparing it to major synths like Massive, Harmor, Alchemy, Goliath, Nexus, etc... is this one potentially an equal, or at least an effective alternative for someone without a good budget?

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