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I made a big mistake and wiped my hard drive clean where Izotope Iris worked properly because I bought a M.2 drive which I put W10 on but it wouldn't boot up until I removed W10 from my other drives.

When I first had Iris it worked okay on my Asus PT6 deluxe MB with a i7 920x but then my board failed and so I built a new system with an i7 4790K and an Asus Z97-A MB. I used the same SSD drives as before but I got the free upgrade to W!0 and I followed the advice that it is best to start with a completely fresh new install after which I ten put on all my programs but I couldn't believe it when Iris played terribly breaking up with latency problems. I had the buffer set in Cubase to 520 samples and higher but it was a mess. I came to the conclusion I had put too much software on the drive and perhaps the antivirus was slowing things down so I decided to put W10 on second hard drive and start all over again but this time with far less software. I did that and put Cubase on with Iris only and it played beautifully. Phew!

After about a year I thought, well, you know, I never use that first drive anymore- the one where Iris was terrible- so l reset it taking everything off and just put Cubase and Iris on, and crikey, I couldn't believe it when it broke up and cackled even with buffer rate set high. I was baffled and so I rebooted to my second hard drive and Iris played beautifully again even with the buffer set to 64 samples. Then I went back and forth several times between the two drives and it was always the same, Iris played good on one but not on the other. Then I came up with a good idea, why not clone over my good drive to my bad one? So I did that and Iris played beautifully on the first hard drive even with sample rate set at 64 samples.

Anyway, I put this new M.2 drive into my PC and I put a new W10 Pro on and then I put only Cubase and Iris on it, but Iris played terribly again which totally surprised me. The sad thing was, I had to scrub my two other drives with W10 on where Iris played okay because my new M.2 drive wouldn't boot up when they had operating systems on them. Then I decided to put W10 back on the drive where Iris previously played okay - the one I made a clone from - and then put just Cubase and Iris on it but iris played terribly again.

I had one last chance, I had made a back up of my good drive with True Image just after I put all my software on it, but crikey, True Image said it had corrupted data.

I had to fit another i7 4790K because my old one was kept failing the frequency test but my new one failed the test as well and then it turned there was nothing wrong with them as both pass okay now. I have a new Z97-Deluxe motherboard coming but if I change that I will have a complete new system with the M.2 drive but I bet Iris still splutters, so it's not the hardware. It must be a software problem because when I cloned the good drive over to the bad one Iris played beautifully on it.

I don't know what other adjustments to make other than set the buffer rate in Cubase. I have a Steinberg UR44 sound card. I don't know if it needs a tweak to the driver but I couldn't see anything

Any ideas anyone?