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Hi all,

I'm a jazz guitarist trying to record a few tunes to post on my website. I've used iMovie but the sound quality is just terrible. I don't have any mics, but my Acoustic Image Clarus 2 Series 4 has a Direct Out option (XLR). I would like to record DI but am unsure about how to go about doing so. I assume I need to purchase an audio interface, but don't know which one to buy given my current setup. I have a MacBook (6 years old) running on Snowleopard. Any help would be appreciated.



Flyinace1 Tue, 01/31/2012 - 12:32

If you are just recording a single instrument you can buy a 2 channel interface. You will need a DI box if u wish to just go direct (those aren't too expensive) and then plug your guitar 1/4" into the DI box and XLR from the box to the interface. I would also suggest recording into audacity instead of iMovie, its free and pretty good for the basics.