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I know that the RNC compressor from FMC has a huge (almost) cult following, and is considered "the steal" of the industry.

Since it is an "unbalanced" piece of gear, I am concerned about using it in my setup. My plan is to use it with my PreSonus preamp, which does not have inserts. I will take an "out" from the PreSonus into an "in" on the RNC, then an "out" from the RNC into my Echo Layla.

Is this a feasible way to use this device without inserts, especially unbalanced, or should I just use the lower quality mic preamps on my mixer and use the RNC in the inserts?



KurtFoster Mon, 11/25/2002 - 11:28

There are a couple of different ways to approach this...fab some custom cables with the cold side tied to ground on one end (this being the unbalanced end), or if the Presonus has 1/4" outs, just plugging an unbalanced cable in to the Presonus outs, running it to the RNC, then run a balanced 1/4" out of the RNC to a balanced input. If your using a 1/4" balanced patch bay just using an unbalanced patch cord from the Presonus to the RNC will work. Run a balanced patch cord from the RNC to a balanced input. Or you can hook it up unbalanced, it wont hurt anything, you may notice a loss of signal strength. ........ Fats