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Well, not really emulation. Apparently there is a small loop of tape and an actual record and playback head in this thing. So, it's like a small tape saturator. Interesting. At first I thought "this is very cool". Then I thought, at $750 each I could probably by an actual 16 track ATR for the price of just a couple of these(ok, maybe three or four).…"]Otari MX 80 with Remote | eBay[/]="…"]Otari MX 80 with Remote | eBay[/]

If they made a multi-channel rack version, that would be cool.

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kmetal Tue, 04/23/2013 - 00:07

man. now that i'm done drooling. i mis-understood what the clasp was, thank for the vid post heuseph! I guess that guy in the mag i was talking about, was complaining that maybe they didn't even get new tape for the project? or maybe just one of the old school type used to using new reels for everything and complained whether he heard a difference or not? or maybe the studio didn't the maintain the machines to his liking? dunno.

either way, at 10x less than a clasp, not counting the tape machine, the 542 is looking pretty cool. and obviously so does the clasp an studer. but, out of my league right now.