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Mastering engineer said 16 bit wav file will be too loud?

Ok im. confused...
My mastering engineer sent me a 16 bit wav file...I sent this to CDbaby for distribution. CD baby ask for a 16 bit wav file and no other format.
In conversation with the mastering engineer over Facebook chat.
He has said that i shouldn't of sent the 16 bit wav file out for digital release because it was meant for audio CD replication and will be too loud.

I'm really confused because i thought there was no difference in the 16 bit wav file whether it be for replication or to be converted/encoded by music stores to mp3?

Free Hi-Res DSD/Wav Converter/Editor from Tascam

Tascam has released a free program designed to convert and edit hi-res DSD: DSF, DSDIFF, and PCM/.Wav files.

I don't know anything about it - I've downloaded it to see what potential benefits it might have for me - but I haven't actually used it yet, so don't kill the messenger. I'm posting this strictly as a forum/public service announcement. ;)
- d.t.

Volume Normalizer for wav Files?

Hi guys!

Some of you may have heard of a program called 'mp3 Gain', which allows you to balance the volume levels of your mp3 files so that they're all roughly the same. It doesn't remove the dynamics within each track (or each album even), but basically just allows you to control the general playback level of each file. Very handy tool, and I've been using it for years.

Best WAV to MP3 conversion algorithm

My wife has a small business selling spoken word recordings.
I'm her tech guy, photographer, and financier.

She does her recording in Pro Tools and we sell mp3 files.
I've been using iTunes to convert .WAV to .mp3 but I want to have more control over the quality and size of the mp3 file.
I've just downloaded an opensource conversion program that utilizes a number of algorithms for the conversion.

I'm looking for recommendations/advice on which algorithm to use

Having problems with tagging WAV files.

I've exporting my wav files out of CubaseLE with the proper labeling. When I burn the CD the files come up with no track or artist info. So what I did was imported the CD into itunes, then changed all the info that I needed to. The problem I'm having is that it is only recognizing it in itunes and nowhere else. I've been looking for tag stamping software but no dice. Does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?


Exported .wav file from Tascam issues uploading to the web only (background noise)

If I upload a track to the web (Sound Cloud, MySpace ..etc..) I get this warbling-like background noise in my track. I cannot figure out why. :/ This "warbling" sound is not present on my 8-track, or when I export my recorded tracks to the computer. The .wav file (or if I export the .wav file as I constant mp3 at 320kpbs) recording sounds fine.

Weird WAV file problem, repairable?

Hi guys, this is my first post and it seems the appropriate place to put it, so forgive me if its in the wrong area. Im a DJ an like to record my own sets, the one i recorded today though seems to have developed a weird stutter through the entire recording (about 2 hours worth). I'm stumped what caused it as it went away after a reboot, however i would like to try, or know if its possible to repair the WAV file in question..

The following is link to a mini sample file of what my wav recorders produced (tested on two, Creative Wav Studio and some free app called WAVflow)