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I do not have a "real" studio.

My mic stands transmit(To my mics) vibration from other rooms, down the street, maybe the next town, I don't know? I remembered, from my astronomy research, something that is used for such vibration dampening on amateur telescope tripods.

I'm going to try a set of these: http://www.celestro…

Or possibly these ("Knockoffs" of the above): http://www.telescop…

Don't quite know how they will "sit' under the tripod legs of my mic stands, but, I'm going to waste the coins and give them a try, sooner or later. They should, by their description, be better than tying foam around the tripod feet? I'll let you know(Unless YOU get some first and let ALL of us know -- "hint-hint"?).



moonbaby Mon, 07/17/2006 - 11:13

Leave it to you to find a practical, low-cost resolution to your problems! You are a very DIY type of guy, so here goes. Go to Edmund Scientific, they have sheets of a product called Sorbothane (sp?)-a type of rubber- about an 1/4" thick, 12"x12" in size. Cut 'em up, glue them together as a "stack" if you need. I made plywood platforms to put my stands on and used these sheets on both side of the wood. 1 sheet on the mic stand side, and "stacked-up feet" on the floor side. Work great, and you can easily and cheaply experiment with ideas.
I got the idea a long time ago while producing laser light shows in planetariums. The company that built the laser projection tables used this stuff to isolate all vibrations from the table. It really helped to isolate the truck-vibrations in my warehouse complex from ruining a VO! Give it a try!
BTW, how's that SM Pro Audio monitor control box doing?
And, where did you list tom mics as being your problem? I think the dude from Fullwater confused the words "town" and "toms"... :lol:

TeddyG Mon, 07/17/2006 - 20:20

Ahh, thankx, but... who mentioned drums??? MB, did YOU mention drums???

Ya'know, Edmond used to be in NewChursey, chust accross the river from Fiwadelfia, now they've(I guess?) been sold and they're ... I don't know where??? Used to find all kinds of goodies there. Pieces of polarized plastic, all kinds of stuff. Cool place, hope it still is?

"Sorbothane"..? Sounds familiar..? Wonder if that's what's actually IN the tripod dampeners? Though it sounds more like they're filled with "Doctor Scholl's" gel insoles, ey??? Hey! That might work???

I will look-up the sorbothane! Good idea! How about a sheet under my Aurelex MoPads, huh? 'SUPERCHARGED" MoPads!!! They could sell for 200 bucks a pair then!

Oh, yes, the mics DO have the requisite "O-ring" shock mounts, but that is not always enough it seems(Don't ask me why?). I can hear the rumble! Actually, one time I thought I heard the guy say, very faintly, "Are you ready to rummmbbllle!!!???" - THEN I heard the rumble. I don't know? I bought one of those long foam "sticks" that I guess kids use in the pool to try to stay afloat after failing the YMCA swimming course(And to beat each other up with, I'm sure!)... I will try cutting them up and sticking them on the legs, but... I don't think much of the idea......

MB!!! Have you bought an M-Patch 2, yet??? Maybe you don't need one, I forget? Works excellent - cheap(My favorite part) helps alot. That, along with the new speakers has improved my ears(And monitoring flexibility) a bunch!

Ooh, ooh! Muldoon! We can talk about drums!!! Yeah! I was doing sound for this band(To call these folks a band is a v-a-s-t understatement. Some "wind symphony", an entire orchestra, that generally performs on their own boat on the Mississippi river??? Seriously, do you know these people???). Anyway, they were here in in Lang-Caster, and I did the sound. I had been trying for 3 weeks to get the new Mackie powered mixer to "clip", or at least show a clip on it's meters - no luck. THEY DID IT!!! They have this drum they got from Japan, it's about 5 feet long and four feet around. The girl playing it banged the living you know what out of this thing and "RED LIGHT CITY"!!!(OK, I caught it the first "blink", I was lucky.). The mic was about a dozen feet away and aimed in another direction but that didn't matter in the slightest! I'll try to find their name(About a 50 piece orchestra with no violins or whatever, but, tons of brass, and stuff.). I can easily say that it was the most astounding musical performance I have ever heard(And seen - some of the talented instrumentalists were women and...were... well... babes!)! I don't get out much, but... it was IN-SANE!!! Fantabulous! If you get the chance..? There. The Drums have spoken.


EDIT: But don't take MY word for it... here's a pic I stole off the web(I'd credit it but I couldn't find any real thing TO credit - a newspaper in Louisiana, I think? They did the same show there a few days before PA.). The two babes -- ahh -- musicians were spectacular! The one on the right played the BIG DRUM - I think - she was accross the stage from me while I was madly turning down every knob I could find! All the percussionists(And there were about 10 of them!) played all kinds of things - beautifully.

Oh no! How do I get a picture from my desktop to here - the above "IMG" instructions mean nothing to me? Oh well, I tried......

Alright, one more time:

I had no problems with the "certificate", I just clicked yes. I also had to click "refresh" in OE, to get all 3 pix to come-up, but the one at the bottom(Which came up anyway) is the one I refer to.

moonbaby Tue, 07/18/2006 - 06:53

The previous poster, TALLRD, made the "drums comment" about tom mics and gates. Gates are not the answer to LF "ground-borne rumble" like that. And mic shock suspensions are only so effective.You need to keep that rumble from getting to the stand, period. Unless you have a floating floor...
And you know, the Sorbothane website lists one of its applications as being used in shoe insoles! Check out their website...Google it. Very interesting. Couldn't find the stuff on the Edmund site, it was several years ago when I got bought it.
I like that orchestra! Did you get to use that new Beyer M99 on the big drum? Come to think of it, that would've probably given that mixer a coronary! I like doing unusual musical productions. They keep me on my toes.
How are your new Yamaha monitors? Or have they been replaced by the ADAMs?

TeddyG Thu, 07/20/2006 - 12:49

Until I get something better for VO, the M99 doesn't leave the studio!

The Yamaha monitors are horrible!!! They tell me all my bad stuff(And that's alot of stuff!!!). Seriously, they were a great investment, loud enough, "full-range" enough(For me), right size, etc. I truly do better work with them - not much more to say - except that the price is a steal.

The M-Patch 2 is helping a whole lot, as well... I can finally use my phones without a big hastle, control of the speaker volume has much more "pot range". AND(Through the phones) I can now hear things like "stand rumble" - with nothing to compare it to but the Mackie, I would have to say the phone amp in the M-Patch 2 is quite a bit better(?).

The BIG DRUM was very cool... Most of the(V-e-r-y humid) night the player was running a hair dryer on it to keep the heads tight(The only way, so they said.)... If you EVER get a chance to hear the American Wind Symphony, DO IT!!! The babes are cute, but "Crocodile Dundee", would say, "Now THIS is an orchestra!"


Oh! I finally got to run a concert through a snake, with me "out front"! Very nice! The locations I have done in the past don't warrant(Or actually "allow") one to be out front with the gear -- Just no room - weird site - nice, but weird. However, with the new venue(New park in town), which may be used more often(?), I wanted to try setting up out front, just to get an idea of how to do it and to figure what we might need for next year. So, the guy who owns the gear had an outdoor gig of his own(He has a "gosple/country" group he gets together at times), in a "normal" setting, and I ran that for him - with snake. Cool!

Ooh! Funny part!

At the end of the gig he invited the opening act back onstage to help finish off. Between the 3 members that were still there, about 800 pounds of singers(No kidding!) were suddenly on stage, right in front of the monitors.......... "SQUEAL!!!" I think they were acting as "reflectors"!?!? Does anybody know the words to the "Weight Watchers" theme song???

moonbaby Thu, 07/20/2006 - 13:10

Hmmm....Human goboes, eh?
I'm still looking for another M99 at a price like you got. After you told me what you paid, I almost burned my Full Rumpass catalog!
Glad to hear that the Yammies are working out. I'll probably get a pair for my mobile rig.
I will keep my eyes open for that orchestra. One can only take so much "smooth jazz" and Skynyrd...